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Celebrating 3 Years at New Life Baptist Rancho Vista


Celebrate & Serve is not just a motto or slogan. It’s not a one-time event. It’s a lifestyle born from a heart of love; love for God and love for community.

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A New Series by Pastor Peter Mordh
OCT 6 - NOV 17

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Acceptance Overcomes Fear | Sunday Oct 6
Overcomers prepare for miracles by accepting God’s plan – Mark 1:1-9 & Matt 3
Story: John the Baptist and Jesus’ baptism

Grace Overcomes Sin | Sunday Oct 13
Overcomers follow Jesus by grace for grace – Mark 1:10-18 & Matthew 4:13-20
Story: Jesus’ baptism, temptation, and calling of disciples

Love Overcomes Doubt | Sunday Oct 20
Overcomers know God’s purpose for influence – Mark 2:13-17 & Luke 5:27-32
Story: Levi/Matthew’s conversion and Jesus’ meal with sinners

Light Overcomes Darkness | Sunday Oct 27
Overcomers invest in reaching others. – Mark 4:21-25 & Matthew 5:13-16 & Matthew 6:19-33
Story: Jesus’ sermon on the mount and from the ship

Trust Overcomes Worry | Sunday Nov 3
Overcomers are at peace with God. – Mark 4:35-41 & Matt 8:23-27 & Luke 8:22-25
Story: Jesus sleeps in the story then calms the sea. 

Truth Overcomes Confusion | Sunday Nov 10
Overcomers have a clear vision of God’s next step.  – Mark 10:46-52 & Luke 18:35-42
Story: Jesus heals the two blind men in Jericho 

Forgiveness Overcomes Mistakes | Sunday Nov 17
Overcomers have a fruitful faith and abundant forgiveness. – Mark 11:20-26
Story: Jesus curses a fig tree to teach the disciples about faith and forgiveness

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Join us for an evening of food, games, and other fall activities!

• Food Trucks

• Carnival Games

• Pumpkin Patch

• Photo Booths

• Hayrides

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